Reasons Against

So some honesty about me (Unity).

The original concerns about this website document (That I lost) ranted on for a long while about this and that and then I stated that I would honestly understand if you didn't have any regard whatsoever for what I had to say on anything at all!

In fact if there is a good reason for rejecting this website as a whole it is simply put because of me! I'll be honest I'm a sinner of the worst kind! I can truly relate to the apostle (Paul)? when he stated that he was the greatest of all sinners! I fully relate to the statement 'That which I hate that I do.' So yes if you were aware of my sins you my for good reason choose to ignore the truth that is in this site. It is not and I am not (no matter how bad i am) a reason to reject the Holy Bible. Nor is anyone else for that matter. The Bible alone is a reason for Faith. Even if I and all the other contributers to this site are simply frauds / hippocrits.

I'm truly sorry, if you feel this way. Please forgive me / us!

Most Christians are fully aware that we are largely (I speak for myself mainly) hippocryits.

I don't mean to pick on the church or judge the church IN ANY WAY! but my assessment of the church vs the world can be simply summarised. We are simply repentant sinners.

YES you heard it here! the church is full of repentant sinners.

THE GOOD NEW IS that means that I am welcome in the church!

That means that YOU ARE WELCOME IN THE CHURCH! no matter who you are or NO MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!


That's the simple part done. Here comes some more complex stuff (So check it against scripture don't take my word for it).

  • Timothy states levels of membership within the church
  • Jesus ate and spent a large portion / majority? of his time with unbelievers / sinners!
    • He came to heal the sick and set the captive free.
    • He came to minister to sinners!
      • The ones that he didn't get along well with were the ones that called themselves righteous )(The levites, pharacees, saducees, the sanhedren, etc) It seems (to me) that he even got along well with (And outreached to) pilot? ( The ROMAN (Government) Ruler who gave the order to crucify him).
  • King David as praised / denoted / promoted / counted / commended as a FRIEND of God. Was indeed a murdering adulterer.
    • Jesus was / is a decendent of King David by birth!
    • Jesus lineage as shown clearly in the bible (I think at least twice) includes all manner of sinners. There is incest, prostitutes, adulterers etc.
      • This is a simple way of showing that YOU ARE OK. JESUS WANTS YOU, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!

 Well back to me...

Timothy states who can be elders, deacons (members of the church with some level of authority).

I occassionally have a drink (normally in moderation). For some Christians this excludes me from some things? I have and sometimes still have a problem with lycentiousness, lust (which is as bad as actually comitting adultery (According to Jesus)) i.e. porn or even just over appreciating scantily clad women in real life or in magazines etc. (I must learn to and practice bouncing my eyes)(or changing channels faster when something bad comes up)(not going to bad websites or clicking on tempting images / links. (even if seemingly harmless)). It's an ongoing struggle as a man living in this world today! But praise God he has helped me and is helping me, as i mature and depart from the sins of my youth / current state.


This means if you read scripture that I am going to hell! It also may mean? that if you are a good practicing Christian that you shouldn't share common communion with me.

The bible does state not to dwell with or be yolked with people such as myself (Lycentious).

P.S. All this complex stuff actually belongs in the complex doctrine section! I AM MAKING AN EXCEPTION IN THIS CASE as it is showing my shame, please register and work your way to the complex doctrine section to get my FULL BELIEFS on these complex issues!


I take this opportunity to humble myself and repent before all of you and before God that I have struggled with these sins. I confess that some of these sins are even recurring sins that I am tempted with often. I repent and choose to turn from these sins.

If I am tempted again I will choose to flee from the temptation. But i confess that I have form in not doing this. because of this i understand if you don't want to be my desciple and want to ignore what i teach!

but DON'T LET my sin / hippocracyy be a cause for you to reject Christianity or the Bible. That would not be right! JESUS LIVED A SINLESS LIFE. He alone is worth listening too. The apostles did i do to.

Please forgive me! I know that you will know who i am at the end of days. So i guess it's best that you know that I am truly a failure now rather than later.

THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT JESUS HAS WON and because of his sacrifice alone that I AM NO LONGER A FAILURE.







.....! =)


please pray to Jesus today and accept his forgiveness for your sins now! RIGHT NOW.

say Jesus I believe that you died on the cross for me to save me! you paid the penalty that i owe. Thank you that I now no longer have to pay for the penaly for my sin. Thank you fo saving me. come into my life take control and help me to follow you in all that i do. AMEN.


You Prayed! you are now what is commonly considered to be a Christian. Please as a believer also do these these things:

  • Publically confess to someone that you are a Bible believing Christian / Christian
  • Be baptiaed in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost and/or in the name of Jesus either way should suffice (Complex doctrine). (Do this as an understanding christian (even if you were christened as a child)).
    • Thats it
      • Welcome Brother / Sister.
        • I look forward to spending eternity in paradise (complex doctrine) with you!
          • =)
            • With much love your Brother! Unity!

May we both grow together in faith.

The bible states that we are being perfected untill the day of jesus christ

I am still being perfected (I have proven that by my walk)

Yet i know that i am forgiven

here is another hint towards some complex doctrine (Some may say that Jesus dying on the cross was that day, Some may say it's when Christ returns and takes us to be with him, i personally like to leave a little room for both (Please see the complex doctrine section for my full understanding/s of this issue and belief/s on this issue).


So there you go.

Yet another simple yet complex thing!

It is a them for this website, I state things that I believe, I state things that i don't believe, I often have a firm belief. I often give room for interpretation.

That's me, hopefully that's this website.


If your a new Christian, THE SIMPLE STUFF IS CLEAR. The important stuff in the bible is clear and often repeated often! So the important stuff is almost impossible to get wrong. Saddly, I have seen (heard and read) people get it wrong! This is therefore one of the main purposes (If not THE MAIN PURPOSE) of this website.

  • To CLEARLY clarify what the bible teaches on the basic stuff, for those who are new or just to lazy to read the whole bible over and over again in its entireity.

I'm a sinner (I just prooved it) Pease join me! just don't blindly trust anything / everything that i say.


He is the ONLY way!



 P.S. The whole timothy / church membership thingo:

  1. The church is for the sinners!
    1. The church want's murderers, peadophiles, adulterers, gay, bi, the sexually deviate, prostitutes, liers, coverters, people who dissrespect their parents / leaders, cheaters / theaves, members of the GLBTIQOUV community, people who don't keep the sabbath, people who don't love their neighbour as Jesus directed etc, etc, etc.
      1. These people are (or should be) welcome in all churches! we as a church want to lead these people to a good / positive /brilliant eternity!
        1. HOWEVER, these people if unrepentant and unwilling to turn away from their sins must not be given Church membership until they become a practicing bible believing Christian!
          1. You see the line! they ARE ALLOWED into the church (group / building) they are not given any sort of leadership role.
            1. This is my personal belief and is where I would draw the line if I was a pastor / key leader of a church.
      2. These people are really not worse than a lot of people in the church today anyway.
        1. They are always welcome
          1. They are welcome to be members when they call on the name of the Lord and are repentant sinners (My personal definition of a Christian / Church goer)
      3. Here is the thing, scripture states to LOVE THE SINNER, HATE THE SIN.
        1. This means that if you are in this group of people I don't think that I am any better than you! Aside from my Claim to the promises of Jesus Christ as outlined in the Holy Word of God (The Bible). A claim that you too can have if you simply pray and mean the prayer above, and i would suggest also do the extra two steps. Additionally you should also attend a church but it is not listed as a requirement for salvation.
          1. Infact the thief / murder? on the cross next to Jesus only had to acknowledge Jesus as lord and ask him to remember him. Which he did by simply asking Jesus to remember him when he was in paradise!
      5. GOD even chose for his son to be born from a lineage of people just like you (us (me included)).

Well i hope that helps.

I that was good for you there sould be a whole lot more of that kind of content inside.

God forgive us All!

God Bless You All!

Servant of Christ (Still learning humility)







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